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10th Anniversary

Fidelity Bank launched the ‘Save for Gold Promotion’ as a means of rewarding its loyal customers both Existing and New. It is a means of inculcating the savings culture in our customers and also get them to realise the profound benefits that come with savings. We want to make Ghanaians realise the actual value of Gold and a unique experience in savings.

  • Increase your chances of winning

    Save More: every GH¢300 deposited qualifies for one chance or coupon, thus GH¢300 qualifies for one coupon, 600 for two coupons and 900 for 3 coupons. This means, the higher the amount, the greater your chance of winning.

  • Save over a longer Period: the longer the period you maintain your money, the greater the chances of winning in the subsequent monthly draws and even the grand draw, that is if the amount is maintained till the final draw.

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    10th Anniversary.